Elyon Learning Center Academy
Elyon Learning Center Academy welcomes you and your child(ren). We believe that your association with us
will be a happy and rewarding experience.
Our Philosophy of Education
We believe that the learning process of each student begin at the level where the student can successfully
perform.  Elyon Academy makes this educational philosophy possible by individualizing and personalizing the
learning experiences for each student. By using DIAGNOSTIC TESTING, each student is placed at the GRADE
LEVEL where successful learning goals and objectives can be achieved.
It has been a part of God's plan for parents to be responsible for the education and development of their
children's education. The purpose of Elyon Academy is to assist parents with this God-given individual
uniqueness and talents.
Our curriculum
The Core Curriculum used consists of eight
(8) subjects: Mathematics, English, Social
Studies, Science, Literature/Crative Writing,
Computer, Music, Word Building and Bible.
The Core Curriculum is supported by our
Enhance Curriculum by Video Phonics
(Reading Program), Physical Education,
Health, Computer Literacy, Field Trips, and
We Believe that
Students must be placed at the individual
level where they can perform.
Reasonable goals must be set.
Students must be controlled and motivated.
Learning must be measurable; and
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